Pet Services


Looking for veterinary services in Euclid, Ohio?

Animal Medical Center Of Euclid offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas: Euclid, Cleveland, Willowick, Willoughby, Wickliffe, Mentor, Chardon, and beyond!

Our office offers a wide variety of services. Our veterinarians see cats and dogs of all ages, including puppies and kittens, adult and senior cats and dogs. We have pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses, including heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, and microchipping. We are equipped to run comprehensive blood work panels in our clinic.

We also pride ourselves in being one of the few vets in the area that see exotics. We will see non-venomous snakes, iguanas, other lizards, ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, primates, and other wild animals with appropriate permits. We are able to treat illnesses, operate, and perform wing, beak, and nail trims for the animals listed above.


Laser Surgery: Here at Animal Medical Center of Euclid, all of our surgical procedures are performed with a CO2 surgical laser. In laser surgery, a highly focused beam of light ablates the living tissues while sealing small blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics which provides significant benefits to both the patient and the surgeon.

Benefits to the patients include:

  1. Less bleeding. As the laser cuts, it seals smaller blood vessels which drastically reduces the bleeding in comparison with a traditional scalpel.
  2. Less pain. The laser also seals off nerve endings and the lymphatics as it cuts resulting in less pain and swelling. This allows the patient to experience a more comfortable recovery.
  3. Less risk of infection. The laser also kills bacteria in its path.

Due to the reduction in bleeding, laser surgery allows for better visibility of the surgical field, less surgical risk, more precision and ultimately decreased surgical times, all of which benefit the surgeon and the patient.

Laser Therapy: As a part of our multi-modal approach to pain management, we offer laser therapy. Laser therapy is a noninvasive treatment designed to reduce pain and inflammation, and to speed healing. This treatment is quickly becoming standard of care in both human and veterinary medicine. Our staff members administer laser therapy via a handpiece that emits this therapeutic infrared light in a fast, drug-free, and soothing treatment. The light can treat surface problems such as wounds, as well as deeper structures, penetrating through fur, skin, and fat if necessary to reach damaged tissue.

The therapeutic infrared light targets the mitochondria in damaged cells and stimulates them to regenerate and stimulates them to return to optimal function. This regenerative process is called photobiomodulation (PBM). PBM does not impact normal cells, but can help damaged cells to recover from injury faster.

Laser therapy can be utilized as an adjunct to existing treatments, often reducing or replacing the need for pain medications.

Laser therapy treatments are fast and pain-free, making them well-tolerated by most pets. There is no clipping or shaving required for the treatment area. When your pet arrives for therapy they will be situated in a comfortable position, and may be outfitted with laser-safe doggles. You will also receive laser-safe eyewear to wear during treatment if you remain with your pet during therapy.

Treatments take approximately 5 – 10 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area and the condition being treated. During this treatment your pet will experience a soothing warmth that often relaxes patients, and sometimes makes them go to sleep!

Some conditions require several treatment sessions for optimal outcomes. When your pet’s condition is evaluated our veterinarians will discuss their recommendations with you.

Laser therapy is an effective treatment for a wide variety of conditions including:

•Wounds                                   •Arthritis

•Skin Conditions                      • Pain & Inflammation

•Pain Relief                               •Post-Operative Recovery

•Rehabilitation                          •Geriatric Care

•Lick Granulomas                      •Otitis

•Dental Conditions                     •Fractures

•Abdominal Disorders                 •and Much More!

Ultrasound: An ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to capture live images from inside of the patient’s body without needing to make an incision or expose them to radiation. An ultrasound can provide a view of the liver, gallbladder, stomach wall, intestinal tract, kidneys, spleen, bladder, lymph nodes, uterus, prostate, adrenal glands, and heart. It can also be helpful to guide the doctor’s hands during biopsy procedures and urine collection.

Digital Radiographs: All of our radiographic diagnostic imaging is done digitally. Digital radiography is a form of x-ray imaging where a digital image capture sensor is used instead of traditional photographic film. This gives us the advantage of immediately being able to preview the image while eliminating costly and inefficient film processing. Less radiation can be used to produce a quality image compared to conventional radiography, which is safer for your pets and our staff.

Laparoscopy: We now have the technology to perform laparoscopic procedures. This is a minimally invasive surgical technique in which abdominal surgeries are performed through small incisions of 1cm or less. Typically between 1 and 3 incisions are made through which the scope and instruments are introduced into the abdomen. Magnified images of the internal organs are visible on a high definition monitor.

Laparoscopy offers:

•More thorough examination of the tissue than with open surgical approaches

•Less intra-operative tissue trauma

•Less blood loss

•Reduced risk of infection

•Less post-operative pain for the patient

•Better visualization for the surgeon of the disease process for treatment

•Less invasive procedure rather than a traditional open surgical approach

•Smaller incisions that offer quicker recovery time

•Less scar tissue formation



Minimally Invasive Laparoscopic procedures offered here at Animal Medical Center of Euclid:

•Spay with Gastropexy

•Liver & Pancreatic Biopsy


•Ovariohysterectomy (spay)

•Cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal)

•Cystoscopy (bladder stone removal)