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The pelvis is composed of 4 bones (ilium, ischium, pubis, and sacrum) that form a box to connect the spine to both of the hind limbs at the hip joints. The pelvic box surrounds and protects portions of the intestinal, urinary, and reproductive tracts. Fractures from trauma (e.g.: falls, slips, doing “the splits”) represent the most common cause of injury to the pelvis. Due to the box-like nature of the pelvis, fractures tend to be multiple and concomitant injury to the internal organs may occur. Horses with hip pain rise more slowly or limp; the hips may appear uneven. A healthy body weight is the best insurance to minimize joint inflammation in your horse. Anti-inflammatory medications, nutritional supplements, physical therapy, and/or stall confinement may be recommended by your veterinarian to keep your horse’s hip joints strong and mobile.