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    Allergens, allergies and asthma: Here's what you need to know

    May 25 2023

    It’s that time of year again when environmental allergens start wreaking havoc on sinuses and skin. And it's not just humans that suffer - your pets can also have reactions to allergens in the…

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    Spring into spring...but watch those garden dangers!

    May 11 2023

    For many gardeners, it's time to dust off their gloves, take up their tools and get dirty! As you head outdoors, make sure to consider the products you're using to coax your garden and lawn back to…

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    Spring, Ticks and Lyme Disease

    May 04 2023

    As spring arrives in many parts of the world, people come out of “hibernation” and begin to enjoy outdoor activities. Along with enjoying the outdoors, comes the risk of exposure to ticks and Lyme…

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    April 25th is International Guide Dog Day

    Apr 21 2023

    You’ve probably seen them around town, in the grocery store, or at the park – the cute puppies with the colored vests identifying them as guide dogs-in-training and asking you not to pet them. Or…

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    Staying Safe: Dog Bite Prevention Week

    Apr 13 2023

    There are millions of friendly dogs in the world, and yet millions of people get bitten by dogs each year. Why?   …

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    Heartworm Awareness Month Begins

    Apr 06 2023

    When it comes to heartworm disease, dogs are probably the first pets that come to mind, but cats can get them too. In fact, studies have shown that the incidence of heartworm disease in cats is much…

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    March is Tick Awareness Month   

    Mar 30 2023

    After a long winter and spring finally on the horizon, we come out of “hibernation” and begin to make summer plans. But, as the temperature warms and the sun shines bright, ticks become active.…